What is considered income?

We only take your personal income into consideration. The following are acceptable forms of income:

  • Salary, bonus, or commission paid by your employer; 

  • Hourly wages including overtime;

  • Self-employment income that you’ve earned consistently for a full calendar year*;

  • Income earned from being a shareholder in a corporation or partnership*;

  • Rental property income that has been earned for a full calendar year*;

  • Trust, pension, disability, retirement, or Social Security income;

  • Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance. (Note: You do not need to disclose this income if you do not want it to be considered in your application.)

* Please note that a filed tax return is required for verification. 

The following are not acceptable forms of income:

  • Your household income. We only take your personal income into consideration.

  • Inconsistent investment income or dividends from stocks

  • Unrealized gains from equity

  • Signing bonuses or relocation packages

  • Business income that is not claimed on your personal tax return

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